Case for Digital Magazines


  1. The biggest cost factors in magazine production are:
    1. Printing costs
    2. Distribution costs
  2. The primary sources of income are:
    1. Advertisers
    2. Subscriptions
  3. To improve profitability, publishers need to:
    1. Reduce cost factors
    2. Increase income from all sources
  4. Advantages of electronic distribution
    1. Publishers
      1. No printing costs
      2. Much reduced distribution costs
      3. Wider possible audience not limited to traditional distribution barriers
      4. Very little to no additional work required to produce the electronic version
      5. Possibility to capitalize on back issues with very little effort
    2. Readers
      1. Magazines can be read offline
      2. Does not require a high speed internet connection to download
      3. Electronic magazines can be archived, searched and annotated
      4. Guaranteed delivery (no more lost issues)
      5. Delivered directly to your computer without any user interaction
      6. User owns all delivered magazines
      7. All magazines from one publisher located inside a single Omnibus file
        • No clutter
        • Easy to manipulate and backup
        • Omnibus can be password protected
    3. Advertisers
      1. Better profiling of readers
      2. Statistics on number of views, clicks, etc.
      3. Rich media and interactive adverts
        • Direct linking to external web sites
        • Videos, Sound and Flash animation
        • User interaction and dynamic adverts
  5. Other facts
    1. Electronic distributed magazines does not replace printed magazines
    2. Electronic magazines cannot easily be copied, but (if allowed) may be shared like normal magazines
    3. Unlike web pages, electronic magazines retain the look and feel of the printed edition
    4. Electronic magazines are delivered (pushed) to your reader’s computers, as opposed to requiring readers to visit a web site to read your magazine.
    5. Once delivered, readers “own” the magazine and can read it anytime even in the absence of an internet connection