About Us

Alfega Technologies has been creating innovative solutions to every day problems since 1990. Over the last 22 years, many of our products and core technology bits have been licenced by large companies such as Microsoft, Intel, IBM and Novell.

Our expertise center around digital security, network protocols and digital hardware design. Our range of products reflect our experience in these fields.

Some of our most notable past products:-

  • FlashFloppy was one of the first practical flash disk drives available. Even with a mere 2MB size, these solid state disks were indispensible and used in many industrial sites.
  • ViruGuard was the first hardware anti-virus card and were copied by many.
  • DiNIC enabled network administrators to manage desktop computers even when the operating system failed to load. This product was succesfully transfered into a separate company and the technology licensed to Novell and distributed as part of the popular ZenWorks suite.
  • YIIK, our year 2000 solution were awarded level 1 compliance by the National Software Testing Laboratories (NSTL) and was the only Y2K product that ever achieved this rating.

Current products:

  • The Professional WebScope is unique in its ability to capture HTTP as well as encrypted HTTPS (SSL/TLS) data in clear text. To learn more about this amazing technology, please visit our WebScope product section.
  • Our Omnibus product was been developed to provide companies with a simple, reliable and secure mechanism to distribute digital content such as documents, images and videos.