Omnibus for Digital Publications


“Omnibus technology provides exciting new possibilities for digital media publication.”

Any kind of digital content, be it a book, magazine, music recording, video, brochure, etc. can be contained in an Omnibus file and be instantly viewed in electronic format. The Omnibus magazine and book viewer enables publishers to provide an electronic version of a publication in the same style, format and layout of a conventional printed publication.

Omnibus based publications offer many advantages to Publishers, Readers and Advertisers alike.

Rich and varied content

Omnibus publications are not limited to printed media only, and may contain any combination of video, music or interactive Flash applets. Add an extra dimension to your magazines with embedded videos and music or create a truly interactive experience with Flash or dynamic HTML applets.

Interactive user experience

Omnibus publications such as books or magazines mimic the look and feel of printed media. Users page through the publication, scanning or reading, in the same way that they would normally read books and magazines. Added benefits include zoom and search functions. Since the digital version of a publication usually follows the same layout as the printed edition, no additional typesetting or expensive reformatting is required to produce an Omnibus publication.

Automated push delivery

Omnibus publications are electronically delivered to your readers’ computer without the problems and delays experienced frequently with postal delivery. Each issue or update is delivered automatically as a complete package without requiring any interaction from the user.

Offline viewing capability

Omnibus publications offer all of the advantages of digital media coupled with complete offline viewing capability. Once delivered, the publication can be viewed without requiring an internet connection. Viewing is instantaneous and not limited by available internet bandwidth.

Secure Digital Rights Managed (DRM) protected storage

All publications are stored securely inside compressed and encrypted Omnibus files. An Omnibus file may contain one or more publications (issues) from a single publisher and can be restricted for use on a single computer only. The Omnibus storage gives publishers complete control over the use (and updating) of content while acknowledging the need for readers to “own” purchased content.

Advanced usage analysis and content customization

You can get a deeper understanding of and insight into your readers’ behaviors and preferences by monitoring link clicks and page views. It is also possible to customize or include additional content based on criteria such as reader age, gender or location. (Note: ABC recognize the distribution figures for digital magazines as long as the content of the digital version does not differ more than 10% from its printed copy.)

Increase market scope while reducing costs

With digital publications, there are no printing costs, no physical delivery charges and no wastages. Unlike digital newsstands that take a percentage of your cover price (Zinio, Apple iStore, etc.) we only charge a nominal distribution fee per issue to deliver your publication anywhere in the world. You get all the benefits without the risks.