Omnibus Publications FAQ


Why offline magazines?

Offline magazines do not require a constant internet connection. Your magazine will be downloaded to your computer whenever an internet connection is available. Once your magazine has been delivered, you will be able to read it anywhere, even if you are not connected to the internet.

How much of my internet bandwidth is used to download a magazine?

This depends on the size and content of the magazine. Some magazines contain videos and other media and may be slightly larger than the typical magazine. Most magazines are highly compressed and will usually require less internet bandwidth than reading directly on the web.

What happens if I switch my computer off before a magazine has completely downloaded?

The Omnibus download process can be stopped and restarted at any time without losing any information that was already downloaded. All existing downloads will simple continue after you have rebooted. The Omnibus application can also be terminated at any time without any ill effects.

Will the Omnibus application slow down my computer or internet connection?

Omnibus magazines will only download when your computer is idle. As such, it does not interfere with your normal work or browsing experience. For more control, you can even adjust the download priorities for each publication individually.

How much of my disk space is used to store magazines?

Magazines are typically between 10 and 20 MB in size. Typical hard drive sizes today are between 200GB and 1TB. A hundred magazines would therefore take less than 1% of your available hard drive space.

On what type of computer does the software work?

The Omnibus software has been designed to work on any version of Microsoft Windows from Windows XP and onwards. Minimum suggested memory is 512MB RAM, but more memory will enable a better viewing experience.