The Alfega Professional WebScope is an advanced HTTP/HTTPS web traffic analyzer and debugger.

  • Full logging of HTTP requests and the reply contents.
  • View HTTPS (SSL) transactions in clear text.
  • View transactions resolved from the cache.
  • Fully customizable views with detailed information on all aspects of every transaction.
  • Log web requests from any application that makes use of WinInet.
  • View and modify all Cookies and Cache information.

HTTP messages consist of requests from a client to server and responses from server to client.

The Professional WebScope can display a great deal of information on all logged web transactions. The following is a representation of the available views.

Note that the following screenshot is meant to show the available views. In a more realistic screen layout, certain non-essential views may be hidden or docked out of view.

WebScope Screen Layout

Logged transactions can be viewed in great detail by enabling any of a range of views (panels).

  1. Logged transactions
  2. Overview
  3. Timing details
  4. Request headers
  5. Request body
  6. Response headers
  7. Response body
  8. Caching details
  9. Cookie details
  10. Posted values
  11. Query parameters

Each panel shows specific details of the transaction currently focused in the main transaction list view.

Transaction detail panels can be:
  1. Docked to the left, right or bottom of the WebScope
  2. Can optionally slide away when not used
  3. Float above the main WebScope screen
  4. Closed when not needed
  5. Resized and moved to any position